MiCloud Connect Plug-in for Browsers

Dial from your browser with just a click.

The MiCloud Connect Plug-in for Browsers is available for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Once the plug-in is installed, all telephone numbers within the browser window will be highlighted. MiCloud Connect business phone system users can click on the MiCloud Connect icon to dial the phone number.

Just left-click to dial with caller ID enabled, or right-click to block caller ID. The MiCloud Connect Plug-in for Browsers makes dialing phone numbers found on web pages quick and easy, and it simplifies the task of finding a phone number on a page full of other text and graphics.

Key Benefits
No Additional Cost
The Mitel Connect CLOUD Plug-ins for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome are available to all Mitel Connect CLOUD subscribers without additional charge.
Speed productivity
Avoid finger-slip mistakes and save 15 – 30 seconds a dial.

Is this product right for you?

    • Supported Versions – The Internet Explorer plug-in supports version 8.0 or higher. For Mozilla Firefox, version 3.0 or higher is required. There is no version requirement for Google Chrome.

    • How to Get Them – Mitel Connect CLOUD phone system subscribers can install the Mitel Connect CLOUD Plug-ins at support.shoretel.com. Installation is quick and easy. If you are not an Mitel Connect CLOUD phone system user, contact us today to learn more about how MiCloud Connect’s sophisticated features like Mitel Connect CLOUD Plug-in for Browsers can help you improve productivity and increase revenue.

Is this product right for you?

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