MiCollab and 3rd Party Integrations

For customers already utilizing Microsoft Teams for collaboration, Mitel’s MiCollab Telephony Only Client provides a best-in-class, integration of calling and voice functionality – all done via MiCollab.

When receiving inbound calls, users can manage the entire call in one view, via a pop-up notification. For outbound calls, the user can initiate click-to-dial functionality in a small pop-up window and still maintain all call features without taking up their entire screen.

Customers can also utilize the MiCollab Telephony Only client for integration to business applications where quick calling or pop-up calling functions are required.

Get more out of your existing Microsoft Teams collaboration by pairing it with an enterprise telephony solution.
Whether chat, video conferencing, or calls, leverage your current technology so that you’re able to stay in your MS Teams environment, receive calls, place calls with one interface and choose how you connect.
Integrated, advanced telephony such as call routing and hunt groups with no additional licensing. When a call is received, the user gets a notification on top of any other window. With simple call floater technology, the user is always able to see their active call without having to toggle multiple windows in other applications.
Have informed conversations with your customers with Mitel’s rich contact center, CRM integration or lite calling integration for your business operations applications.

Is this product right for you?

    • Call Floater
    • Click to Dial
    • Conference
    • Transfer
    • Direct Routing
    • Hunt Groups
    • Call Routing

    • Presence
    • Video Meetings
    • Softphone
    • Voicemail
    • Call History
    • CRM and Contact Center Integration

Mitel Telephony Only Client

Instead of running two systems side by side, Mitel’s Telephony Only Client is developed for customers who use MS Teams as their primary UCC Solution and Mitel Call Server for Telephony. Mitel Assistant helps deliver presence information for the solution. Instead of multiple licenses, Mitel provides a cost-effective solution that allows customers to leverage the Mitel Telephony Only Client without extra investment in Microsoft telephony licenses.

Mitel Assistant

Mitel Assistant, together with the Mitel softphone, gives customers the solution they need for their Mitel telephony and Microsoft Teams environment:

  • Removes the need for customers to go to Microsoft E5 / Phone System License
  • Integrated user experience
  • Let other Microsoft Teams users know when a user is on a PBX call

Mitel Assistant can be found in the Mitel Software Download Center as well as in the Microsoft Teams Store and users can easily install it into their Microsoft Teams client.


Mitel Call Server Presence

Mitel now provides Microsoft users with Mitel Call Server presence information as part of Microsoft user presence information. This means that, if this feature is activated, Microsoft users will know if a user is busy in a Mitel phone call anywhere in the Microsoft environment where Microsoft presence is available.


Call History

The new version of Mitel Assistant will give the user access to Mitel Call History in a dedicated tab. In this way, the user can stay within the Microsoft Teams Client when initiating calls from the call history. The user will also see the Microsoft presence (including Mitel telephony presence, if enabled) as part of the call history


Direct Routing

A complete Mitel telephony infrastructure to Microsoft Teams integration with a certified MSA certified Session Border Controller allowing you to make calls from within the Microsoft Teams environment. Direct routing is available for MiVoice Business, MiCloud Flex, MiVoice Connect, MiVoice MX-ONE, MiVoice 5000 and MiVoice Office 400.


Web Extension for MiVoice Connect

Our Chrome extension gives you a softphone directly from your web browser. Users will benefit from call history, voicemail, click-to-dial, contacts and more so they can easily place calls from the Microsoft Teams web user interface. The web extension is available for MiVoice Connect




Available with MiVoice Business 
Available with MiVoice MX-ONE 
Available with MiVoice Office 400 
Available with MiVoice Office 5000 


The Analyst Take

Now more than ever, communication and collaboration platforms play an integral role in how organizations operate. With hybrid work here to stay and many organizations looking for new ways to connect employees without spending a lot of money upfront, this move from Mitel makes sense for their customer base and new potential customers. 

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