Mitel 1023

Mitel 1023 telephone offers the performance and reliability required from a general office phone at a very affordable price.

The Mitel 1023 is designed to be a valuable business tool that offers enterprise performance and durability for users who are dependent on reliable communication for their daily operations. The intuitive and easy-to-use, Mitel 1023 phone provides traditional telephony services via the latest, standards-based IP/SIP network infrastructure. Together with Mitel’s communication servers, the telephone offers advanced features for powerful and cost-effictive business communication. The Mitel 1023 has an easy to read display and distinct keys. Its high audio quality is appreciated by users. Ring signals and volumes, as well as display settings, can be adjusted and changed by the user. For efficient maintenance, the phone supports automatic software updates and re-registration. This ensures that the phones always use the right software and settings. For cost-efficient operation, the phone uses 1.5 W of power in idle mode and can, therefore, be used with PoE Power Class 1 technology.

Maintenance and Management

  • Auto-provisioning
  • Supports using of DHCP Option 66 for definition of address to configuration server
  • Deployment by logging on with extension number and PIN code
  • Automatic firmware upgrade
  • Upgrade firmware through HTTP, FTP, TFTP
  • Safe mode provided reliability
  • Web and keypad management
  • Management with different access rights per user and administrator
  • Syslog

Network Features

  • WAN/LAN: Support 2-port route functionality
  • VLAN (optional: voice VLAN / data VLAN)
  • QoS with DiffServ
  • Support for main DNS and secondary DNS server
  • Support for DNS Relay, SNTP Client
  • DNS SRV Records for local survivability
  • LLDP


  • PoE, 802.1af, Power Class 1
  • Power Adapter:
  • Std / EU
  • US
  • Standard Fulfillment
  • CE
  • FCC, HAC
  • Plastic parts marked for recycling

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