Mitel M6310

The Mitel M6310 is ideal for busy professionals and administrators who conduct much of their business by phone.

Providing the convenience of handsfree operation and the advantages of a LCD display, the Aastra M6310 is designed to maximize use of Meridian® Digital Centrex (MDC) features. 

Key Features

  • 7 Programmable Feature Keys
  • Visual Message Waiting
  • Adjustable 2-line x 24-character Liquid Crystal Display
  • Visual ringing indicator
  • Enhanced Speakerphone
  • Supports up to two M622 Expansion Modules
  • Multiple Language Presentation
  • Call Timer
  • Mute Key
  • Colors available: Charcoal, Platinum

* MERIDIAN is a trademark of Nortel Networks, used under license by Aastra Technologies Limited
** Available only in the UK