Clearspan is a carrier-grade, pure SIP softswitch for very large enterprises. It cost effectively scales from 1,500 to over 100,000 users. Clearspan has a full suite of applications built in such as unified messaging, conferencing, fixed mobile convergence, and desktop integration. It integrates seamlessly with popular collaboration platforms, and includes a robust interface for integration with customer business processes.

Work anywhere

Clearspan delivers all features to any telephone inside or outside the enterprise. Users can work from home, on their cell, at a branch office or from any remote location with the same capabilities as if they were at their desk and can seamlessly move calls from device to device with no interruption. Not only does this allow callers to reach you anywhere with just one number, your outbound calls look as if they are coming from your office line so you can protect your private numbers and maintain professionalism.

Increased productivity

Being able to work anywhere and to be reachable anytime, anywhere via a single number automatically increases efficiency by putting an end to phone tag. But with Clearspan it doesn’t end there. Productivity is also given a boost with applications such as Clearspan Assistant which lets employees manage their calls from the desktop and Clearspan Unified Messaging which delivers all messages to a single mailbox. And, applications such as Clearspan Auto Attendant and point-and-click desktop solutions for your receptionist and call center agents mean calls get routed to the right person in the most efficient manner.

Lower communications costs

Clearspan helps you lower your communications costs in a number of ways. By implementing SIP Trunking between different locations within the enterprise you can immediately begin to realize a return on investment by reducing or eliminating toll charges. In addition, Clearspan’s cen- tralized architecture allows you to deploy it in a data center and provide service to all sites. This minimizes the manpower and expertise required at remote sites. Even Clearspan’s licensing model helps minimize your total cost of ownership - a single user license can be applied to up to 32 devices!

Migrate at your own pace

Clearspan provides immediate productivity without immediate replacement through Self-Paced Migration™, a unique approach to VoIP migration that provides unified communications capabilities to enterprise users without replacing their existing systems until the time is right for that enterprise. By deploying Clearspan as an overlay to your existing PBX, users can begin immediately to reap the benefits of a unified dial plan for inter-site dialing transparency and unified communications features such as desktop integration, unified messaging, conferencing and fixed-mobile convergence.

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