Mitel Private GSM Mobile

Mitel Private GSM Mobile is perfect for in-building or campus wide coverage by offers customers their own Private GSM mobile network using standard GSM mobile handsets

Extend the reach of your network with Mitel’s Private Mobile Solution. Improve customer service by making employees more accessible when they are away from their desks.

The Mitel Private GSM Mobile solution takes advantage of the increase of relatively low-cost dual-mode GSM/WiFi devices for customers who are increasingly asking for highly mobile, wireless FMC solutions based on GSM.

The Mitel Private Mobile is a completely self contained mobile network solution that is locally managed and controlled and is therefore not under the control or influence of a Mobile operator. The customer has complete control over their voice, messaging (SMS) and data services.

Even with full Mobile Network Integration, if the mobile network goes down, then your own Private Mobile network will remain online.


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