Communications Continuity

How Can We Help?Ensuring Continuity for Your Business Communications

For most businesses, a phone system is mission critical. At Mitel, we take that seriously. Mitel's IP phone systems and unified communications solutions are designed for maximum uptime and redundancy at the infrastructure and application levels to ensure clear, reliable communications.


Mitel’s IP phones and unified communications solutions are designed, integrated and tested for reliability throughout our product development and delivery processes. With Mitel Connect ONSITE, our distributed, virtualised architecture and N+1 redundancy means that if a failure were to unexpectedly occur somewhere within your communications or network infrastructure, essential businesses communications would continue without issue. 


MiCloud Connect phone services are delivered through our robust cloud architecture, designed with redundancy at every level of our data centre, network, storage, compute virtualisation and application levels. With guaranteed Service Level Agreements and 99.999% availability, you can be confident that you’re getting a solution that ‘just works’.