Integrated Eldercare Communications: Do More with Less.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), global life expectancy has increased six years. And life expectancy is projected to increase because of improvements in healthcare, medicine, and living conditions. Due to this, the pressure on our traditional care system increases. Spending goes through the roof.  Smart IT and communications – especially in this mobile and cloud technology age – must reduce spend, while improving the quality of care, wherever the client resides. But with the many different types of technology, certifications, protocols and legacy systems, this is easier said than done.

That’s why Mitel looks at eldercare differently. We use our mobile and cloud technology and integrate these into a complete eldercare suite. Mitel eldercare solutions can be implemented in and outside the walls of an elderly care home, consisting of an ecosystem of alarm messaging devices, mobile applications and seamlessly integrated third party solutions. This way we ensure you get ‘more with less’.

Key benefits:

  1. Flexible deployment models (any mobile standard and pay-per-use as it can be cloud based)
  2. One-stop-shop, tested and certified with A-class partners like Ascom, Eurocom and Vidyo. Providing seamless interoperability and single point of management.
  3. Step-by-step migration. Due to the Open-API framework included in Mitel eldercare solutions, you select the features you want to implement first and pay only for those. We connect these to your existing cabling, telecoms, home care or alert messaging environment. Seamlessly.

Want to learn more? Select your next step:

Contact your local Mitel Authorized Partner or Account Executive for more information and availability. Please note that Mitel eldercare solutions are currently available in select European markets.