Streamlining services and optimising staff productivity can impact the overall experience of the Guests during their stay.

HotelMGR is designed to manage workflow, maintenance duties and preventative maintenance schedules to ensure services are delivered on time. Housekeeping staff can use the guest room telephone or HotelMGR app to raise a ticket. Hotel MGR directs the ticket to an appropriate skill group via their wireless or mobile device. Once the ticket has been accepted and the necessary remedial work completed it can be closed or referred for further follow-up work. Escalation defined and managed within the application. Business analytics enable managers to schedule the workforce.

Issue Tracking

Issues can either be scheduled (preventative) or unscheduled (adhoc). HotelMGR automates ticket dispatch and tracking to completion. The application provides reporting to enable hotel managers to view issues raised and resolved.

Skills-Based Dispatching

Staff members are defined by their skill sets. The system automatically dispatches issues based on predetermined criteria.

Issue Prioritization

HotelMGR has default priorities and resolution timeframes. The hotel can overrid­e default settings at any time. This enables staff to prioritize work, be productive and deliver great service.

Issue Customization

The application is designed with default maintenance and guest service issue categories. These categories can be customized to adapt HotelMGR to individual property requirements.

Issue Entry

Issue can be raised ‘in the moment’ using HotelMGR’s easy-to-use interface or a standard telephony interface. WheIf an issue doesn’t receive a resolution confirmation it will be escalated automatically.

Work Ticket Dispatch

HotelMGR can dispatch issues by telephone, e-mail, instant message or push notification. Any issue can be defined as an individual or collective assign­ment. HotelMGR will track abandoned, unre­solved and stalled issues. A flexible set of rules can be defined for customized dispatching and assignment of work tickets.

Work Ticket Tracking

HotelMGR is equipped with web based queues showing all open work tickets. Staff notifications include escalation of incomplete tickets. When an issue has been resolved, HotelMGR will alert the front desk, giving them the option to connect to the guest to ensure satisfaction.



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