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MiCloud Hospitality

Reduce on-property complexity, simplify support and eliminate costly upgrades. Get the cutting-edge hospitality capabilities you want delivered as a service from the cloud for one monthly subscription price.

Help staff focus on guest experience and operational efficiency

Free your staff from their workstations—mobility features, cordless, wireless and mobile devices keep staff in contact regardless of location. Plus, give your guests a world of new possibilities – like greater mobility, control and personalization – by letting them federate their mobile devices with their rooms.

Flexible options for different needs

No two hotels are alike. The exciting thing about cloud communications is that migrating to a cloud deployment is a highly configurable and flexible proposition. 

Flexible hybrid cloud architecture

The key to understanding the hybrid cloud approach is recognizing that there are two key but very different architectural elements that deliver the power of the cloud for hotels:
• Voice Application Service (VAS)
• Hospitality Application Suite (HAS)

The voice challenge

If you’re like the majority of hotels with analog phones in your guest rooms, you face some unique challenges to moving your voice services to the cloud. Fortunately, the hospitality experts at Mitel have been working for years to perfect simplified, well-integrated migration paths for technology environments just like yours.

The Best Path to Cloud Communications

Empower your employees and delight your guests with technology that transforms the experience for both. 

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