Application Integration

How Can We Help?Integrate Apps with Your VoIP Phone and UC Services

Integrating third-party applications like your CRM, ERP or HR software with your VoIP phone system can help you take productivity and the customer experience to the next level.

By integrating your business phone system and unified communications with key business applications, you can put critical data at your employees’ fingertips with minimal effort, increasing overall productivity and user adoption of important business processes. That holistic work environment also makes it easier for sales and contact centre teams to quickly respond to customers’ needs and deliver a more personalised customer experience.


Mitel’s suite of pre-built advanced applications let you easily integrate your Mitel Connect unified communications solution with applications like Salesforce, NetSuite and Zendesk. Mitel’s TechConnect programme also provides a marketplace of third-party options for specific application integration that can take your customer experiences to the next level.