Mitel Virtual Reception

Virtual Reception is a set of automated self-services that significantly reduce wait time and attendant workload, increasing at the same time customers’ flexibility and efficiency.

Virtual Reception complements the CMG suite by simplifying business integration with automated self-services. The Virtual Reception enhances the functionality for both company employees and customers.

The Virtual Reception consists of:

  • CMG Speech Office (Interactive Voice Response and voicemail) - includes automatic handling of incoming calls and activity and availability presentation. The services provide the caller with up-to-date activity information and several options in case the call cannot be answered e.g. leave a voice mail, send phone number via SMS or e-mail, transfer to mobile phone to a colleague or to the attendant.
  • CMG Speech Attendant - automated attendant application, which complements the attendants with call transfers and phone number presentation. It is based on speech recognition technology and designed to handle call transfers in an efficient way 24/7. The CMG Speech Attendant is equivalent to the attendant, meaning that it can complement and cover for an attendant.
  • CMG Visit – application used by receptionists as a visitor management system for visit preparation, welcoming, registration and reporting.
  • InConference – Scheduling and joining a call conference with CMG InConference is easy. The application simply turns the business user´s extension into a call conference bridge. The conference or parts of the conference can be saved and later re-played in CMG VoiceMail. The recording of the conference can also be forwarded to any other CMG VoiceMail (BluStar Web) user.

Virtual Reception gives you:

  • Cost- efficient call customer service 24/7
  • Visitor management
  • Reduced wait times and attendant workload
  • Updated activity and availability information for calling customers and colleagues
  • A natural dialogue with the caller
  • Conferencing

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