ShoreTel Active Directory (AD) Import

Recommended for:

All Mitel installed base and new customers


  • Auto synchronizes Mitel System Directory with Microsoft AD information
  • Supports mixed PBX environments and facilitates user migration to the Mitel system
  • Keeps Mitel System Directory current with AD information
  • Complete corporate directory from legacy systems available on phones and from Communicator
  • Custom import & update for users in groups or batches
  • Custom mapping between System Directory fields and LDAP Properties
  • Test run option available
  • Windows Event Log summary and Application Log of AD Imports and test runs
  • Optional update of user group for Mitel users no longer in AD
  • Optional import of non-Mitel users facilitates system migration scenarios
  • Optional AD update with Mitel DIDs and extensions


  • Reduces manual work & saves operational cost Easy look up and dialing among users on all systems