ShoreTel Call Router

Recommended for:

Wide variety of businesses who want to automatically and efficiently direct incoming calls on a system-wide basis


  • System-wide application that distributes incoming calls to configured destinations based on ANI (Caller ID) or DNIS (Called Number)
  • Supports routing based on domestic & international, fully flexible number formats
  • Includes a Mitel Director-embedded*, password authenticated administrative interface for creating routing rules
  • Supports multiple route points hosting associated rule sets
  • Calls with no caller ID, DNIS, or for which no match is found will be routed to a configured default destination
  • Note: This capability is distinct from Personal Call Handling controls allowing user control via Professional Call Manager * Director integration available with Mitel V9.2 and above; standalone web administration provided for earlier releases.


  • Lightweight software application installed on Mitel Director or any Distributed (DVS) server Convenient Mitel Director-integrated, web-based administration Flexible rules configuration