ShoreTel LexisNexis Time Matters™ Integration

Recommended for:
Law Firms who use LexisNexis Time Matters for practice management
Any professional services firm who uses Time Matters


LexisNexis Time Matters represents a practice area specialty for the Mitel Advanced Applications organization. We have delivered Time Matters-based integration solutions in the past and can leverage that experience to provide economical solutions going forward. New customer requests will be treated as custom projects requiring some basic discovery and a statement of work document. The goal will be to leverage existing software to the largest extent possible, thereby containing costs.

  • Seamless integration of leading legal software with Mitel UC system
  • Automated access to client records & creation of phone records based on phone number matches
  • Embedded click to call support (works natively with Mitel TAPI)
  • Users customize application behavior according to individual preferences
  • Client software loaded onto users’ desktop computers