ShoreTel Web Dialer

Recommended for:

Any company whose employees leverage web browsers for their work


  • Two Web Dialer variants to cover all major browsers on all major platforms
  • Highlights (in Mitel orange) & creates clickable links to phone numbers
  • Clicking on a highlighted phone number connects Mitel phone to that number
  • Connects the Mitel system to any web-based application or phone directory
  • Adds a “Mitel Web Dialer” item to the browser context menu for “short” digit sequences such as internal extensions or numbers in text/input boxes
  • Rescan button to recalculate links for pages with dynamic content
  • Provides dialing options for ambiguous strings of digits


  • Enhances user productivity by making communicating easier
  • Generation of dial-able links can be enabled & disabled using the toolbar control
  • Ability for web page designers to create links for any number that can be created on a web page