Prospect Registration FAQ

How will a CAM know if a partner registered a prospect that was assigned to them?

The CAM selected by the partner registrant will receive an email as soon as the registration is submitted. The email will come From: “Prospect Registration".  The content of the email will tell you who registered the prospect (name of the person within the partner firm that registered the opportunity) as well as the name of the partner.

Does this mean the 2% Registration Reward will take effect on Oct 1st? 

No.  The Automatic 2% remains in place until 2016.  Details around the 2% reward will be announced in  Q4.   

How are National Accounts handled?

Partners will see a list of all CAMs and SAPs associated with their account.  When they register the opportunity they can select their CAM and SAP from a picklist.   

How does the tool know who the assigned CAM is to the account? 

CAM assignment is pulled from Mitel’s Dashboard info. If the CAM listed is not correct, you can raise a ticket from the Mitel Connect page select ‘Contact’ link in the Help widget.   

How does the tool know what SAPs are tied to the account? 

SAP assignment is pulled from Mitel Connect info.  If the information displayed is not correct.  Go to:  Mitel Connect page select ‘Contact’ link in the Help widget.   

What is the Prospect ID # used for?

The Prospect ID will be used in Mitel’s Online Store once we move to the 2% reward.  Partners will enter the Prospect ID into the Online Store.  We will validate that the Prospect ID matches the customer name.  The 2% reward will then apply to that deal. 

Are registrations secure?

Yes.  Prospect Registration information is restricted to Mitel employees that are associated to the partner account and or prospect.  Prospect information will never be seen by other partners, or CAMs that are not tied to the opportunity.  

Can registration users see a list of all of their registrations?    

Yes, within the Prospect Registration form users can select “Your Registrations”.  This will display the registrations that they have submitted.  Note: users will not see registrations from other users within their company unless they have been given Sales Executive Privileges within the partner company.    Also, please note that Mitel employees do not have access to this tool.  As such they will not be able to see the list of registrations that partners will be able to see. 


John is a Sales Person at ABC Company.  John will only see the prospects that he has registered.  He will not see registrations submitted by Jane, Sandy and Joe within ABC Company. 

Jane, is the VP of Sales at ABC Company and has been given Sales Exec privileges. Jane will be able to see all prospects that she has registered in addition to registrations submitted by John, Sandy and Joe.  

What benefits will partners receive for registering prospects? 

Mitel is committed to providing an additional set of benefits when channel partners identify and register prospective opportunities.

As well as the functional discount linked to prospect registration, Mitel will proactively support its channel partners by including registered prospects in relevant marketing nurture campaigns.  This additional layer of marketing support will amplify and support our channel partners’ efforts to sell Mitel solutions, with a view to successfully closing more business together. Mitel will do so by:

  • identifying where prospects are not yet sales-ready and need further nurturing and education
  • providing prospects with relevant and timely content to help move them along the buyer journey, thus helping channel partners in accelerating the successful conversion of prospects to revenue
  • providing partners with useful and actionable information about the prospect as we gather it through  nurturing and via Mitel’s lead scoring and marketing automation tool

Mitel will ensure that registered prospect information and registered prospect opportunities developed through nurturing campaigns are only routed to those channel partner(s) that originally registered the prospect.