Mitel Education Solutions

The Raytown Quality Schools recently took part in the Mitel Youth Technology Program (MYTP). At no additional cost to the district, the MYTP allowed Raytown Quality School students the opportunity to take part in the implementation process for the district's Mitel unified communications solution. Highlights of the MYTP included:

  • Kick off lunch and learn with Mitel SE, Eric Friesen and Allegiant reps Jim Walker and Haylee Dancer that included two days of Telecom and Data 101 training with a focus on the benefits the technology will bring to the district
  • Students were able to observe up close the various phases of a VoIP implementation, including: discovery, design, rack and stack, network integration, phone placement and training.
  • The opportunity to place and pin phones.
  • The opportunity to train teachers and staff on the use of their new Mitel IP device and the set up and use of their new unified messaging account.
  • Gained insight into numerous potential future career opportunities.
  • Networked and developed relationships with local businesses.
  • Gained experience that can enhance their college applications and resumes.

Thank you to Allegiant Technologies and Jim Walker and Haylee Dancer for all their hard work in making this program a huge success.  This would not have been possible without their efforts.

Thank you as well to Melissa Tebbenkamp and the Raytown Quality Schools for embracing the program and having the vision to see the benefits it can provide to the students taking part.  Raytown Quality Schools is the first district to take part in the program and their support was integral in making this a huge success.