Mitel Referral Program


Refer a Friend to Mitel – Earn Cash

Have a friend who can use 1-month off a feature-rich business phone system?

Refer them with the Mitel Referral Program!

Refer A Friend


*Terms and Conditions
We like to keep things simple, so you don’t have to read 3 pages of terms and conditions for our referral program. Instead, this is it:
1. The referral cannot exist in any form within Mitel’s database based off of the referral company’s name or email nor can the referee be an existing Mitel employee
2. The referral must sign a contract as a new Mitel customer for a term no less than 36 months and be in good billing standing for 60 days from invoice date
3. Paid referrals must include more than 5 users and will receive 1-month free off their first invoice
4. The referrer will be paid out in the form of an AMEX card of $250 for deals with 6-10 seats, $500 for 11-25 seat orders or $1,000 for 26 or more seats.