Assessing Deployment Options for UC

By Anonymous (not verified)

Unified Communications represents a big step forward from VoIP, as the focus shifts from telephony to the broader scope of business communications. The ability to seamlessly integrate all modes into a single solution can have transformative results, not just for personal productivity, but the overall performance of the business.

With this promise in mind, success does not depend solely on the decision to adopt UC. Businesses face many challenges aside from ineffective communication, and UC can address those as well, but only if the right deployment model is chosen. Even when certain about going ahead with UC, most businesses are uncertain about the deployment model, and that is the primary focus of this White Paper.

Every business has a unique set of circumstances, and aside from helping decision-makers choose the right deployment model, this White Paper also provides guidance on what to look for in a UC provider. Capabilities among providers are as varied as the variety of UC offerings, and businesses need to properly evaluate both to realize the full value of UC’s promise.