The upgrade Experience

To ensure your migration experience is as smooth as possible, Mitel has made investments in key areas so you can migrate with confidence and peace of mind. Find out what it’s like to move from Mitel Cloud to RingCentral MVPsm

  • Migration Cost Saving Incentives

    Take advantage of limited time incentives such as Waiver of Early Termination Fees (ETF), up to 3 months free service and special competitive pricing. 

    These incentives are only available to Mitel customers upgrading to RingCentral MVP and can offer significant customer savings.

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  • Protect Your Investment in Phones

    Deliver a consistent user experience with minimal training for your users. You have options including keeping your existing Mitel phone or choosing another RingCentral MVP compatible device.

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  • Effective Migration Tools to Minimize Business Disruption

    Quickly map your current network and organize phone numbers, user information, and call flow settings to facilitate configuration of the RingCentral MVP solution.

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    Flexible self-serve onboarding options can get your system up and running quickly, or RingCentral and Mitel Professional Services can take the lead for onboarding.

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This uniquely simple upgrade experience is only made available for Mitel customers upgrading to RingCentral MVP.

These are some features and enhancements you get on RingCentral MVP, that you did not have on Mitel cloud service platforms*:


Audio Conferencing: Host unlimited number of audio conference calls, with up to 1,000 attendees per conference. (Attendees do not need to be in the RC network to attend)

Local dial-in numbers in 44+ countries

Global VoIP dial-in options: Toll-free or international numbers in 110+ countries, 17 languages available for settings

Administration and Integrations

Integrations: SFDC, Slack, MS Teams integration; Share files with Box, Dropbox or Google Drive); Schedule meetings in Google calendar. Open APIs to create customized solutions, tailored to evolving demands

Enhanced administrator rights: Admins can remove people, unlock accounts, see all guests, delete posts, assign admins, and export company data

Analytics: “Out of the box” reporting including real time and historical reports and cradle to grave reporting

Message and Video

Higher capacity video conferencing: Large Meetings add-on supports up to 500 users

Annotate on a shared screen: Both host and attendees can mark, highlight, and add comments on any shared content

Separate controls for host versus participant and hosts can assign moderators

In-Meeting Chat with internal and external contacts, including Public and private chat options for users

Host and moderators can disable chat preventing distracting or inappropriate messages

Virtual background: Always look professional—pick a pre-set (or upload your own) to brand your background

Support for video as a virtual background (requires dedicated GPU and support for MP4)

Closed captioning: Improve accessibility and be more inclusive.

Combines video and screen sharing: Attendees can watch presentation and speaker at the same time (Currently in Open Beta)

Create personal folders for organizing messages

Advanced search: Search groups, messages and files. Search by file name, associated project, name user that attached file or by date

FAQ About Upgrading / Migrating
  • Q. Will there be a change in the amount of Taxes & Fees?

    A. Taxes and fees can be different when purchasing RingCentral MVP.


    Q. Which company will my invoice/billing come from?

    A. Your Invoice will come from RingCentral.


    Q. As with my current Mitel account, can I keep my invoicing separated by location?

    A. Yes, there is the ability to invoice by separate location, and this is done via RingCentral MVP cost-center management.


    Q. Will my pricing increase when I upgrade to RingCentral MVP?  

    A. RingCentral and Mitel teams will work together with existing Mitel customers to match use case, functionality requirements and existing pricing.


    Q. Will RingCentral honor the special terms and conditions in my Mitel contract?

    A. As you go through the upgrade to the RingCentral MVP product please inform RingCentral of any unique items related to your account. RingCentral will evaluate special terms on a case-by-case basis. 


    Q. Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

    A. Yes, onboarding to RingCentral MVP includes a number porting process so customers can keep their existing phone numbers.


    Q. How long will the migration process take?

    A. RingCentral’s implementation process is efficient and quick, in most cases an upgrade migration will only take a short time.  However it will depend on many factors including # users, # sites, cut-over phasing, and programming complexity. As part of the migration process, customer discovery on these factors will help establish an estimated migration timeframe. Mitel and RingCentral teams will make every effort to make the move seamless, with minimal business disruption. 


    Q. As a customer, will we have to sign a new contract with RingCentral?

    A. Yes, Mitel customers upgrading to RingCentral MVP will have to sign a new contract directly with RingCentral.


    Q. What are my options when it comes to the new contract term?

    A. RingCentral offers various contract terms starting from 12 months, with most customers opting for 36 months. There are options depending on number of users, user profile, and pricing. (we should avoid highlighting the annual payment option as that causes challenges for us in the back end agreement)

  • Q. Should I be concerned about my existing Mitel service and how quickly do I need to upgrade to RingCentral? 

    A. Mitel is committed to the ongoing service delivery of our existing solutions. This includes quality of service as well as regulatory and security maintenance. However we will not be developing further feature enhancements, but instead be focused on creating a smooth upgrade for you to RingCentral MVP.
    As part of the Mitel Customer Experience, we offer a clear process, incentives and the support of the Mitel and RingCentral team to make the move seamless, with minimal business disruption. This experience will be uniquely possible for Mitel customers upgrading to RingCentral MVP. By moving to RingCentral through Mitel, you could be eligible for several lucrative limited time incentives, including Waiver of Early Termination Fees (ETF), up to 3 months free service, special competitive pricing, supported onboarding,. These can potentially add up to 40K* dollars in migration cost savings. 
    *This is based typical migration of a customer with 60 

  • Q. Can we keep our current Mitel phones?

    You have options including keeping your existing Mitel phone or choosing a RingCentral MVP compatible device. Engage your Mitel sales representative for more details on the options. 


    Q. Can we keep our integrated wireless DECT Headset?

    A. Mitel integrated DECT headset can be reused with 6900 phones when connected to RingCentral MVP.


    Q. Do all the new RingCentral phones have gigabit pass through ports?

    A. In general, MVP compatible phones support GigE, but we recommend this be verified with the manufacturer specifications for the specific 3rd party phone model of interest


    Q. Are all the new RingCentral phones PoE capable?

    A. The MVP compatible phones support PoE, but best to verify the manufacturer specifications for the specific 3rd party phone model of interest.


    Q. Will the new RingCentral system work with my current Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) devices and overhead paging and door buzzers?

    A. Current ATAs will need to be replaced with a supported RingCentral MVP ATA.


    Q. Is DECT integration supported with RingCentral MVP?

    A. Yes Mitel SIP DECT integration with RingCentral MVP is currently supported as BYOD (basic SIP).


    Q. Will Mitel 5300 IP Phones be supported with RingCentral MVP?

    There are no plans to support the 5300 models with RingCentral MVP. Customers with 5300 phones can replace them with a RingCentral MVP compatible device. 

  • Q. Who will support me during the migration from Mitel to RingCentral?

    A. Both the RingCentral and Mitel teams will be engaged for your onboarding to RingCentral MVP.


    Q. What work will be required by me during the migration?

    A. In the case of Implementation Service onboarding, you have to assign one or more individuals to be trained as the administrator of the RingCentral system and they will lead the system programming activities. In the case of Professional Services onboarding, you will have to assign resources to work with the RingCentral or Mitel assigned project manager for information requirements, planning and design, training, and acceptance testing.


    Q. As a customer, how much downtime can we expect during the migration process?

    A. Cut-over can be coordinated such that there is minimal to no downtime as users migrate to RingCentral MVP.


    Q. What are the costs involved in migrating to RingCentral? e.g., Implementation fees?

    A. All Mitel customers with less than 100 users have access to an Implementation Service that is available at no cost and delivered to customers in a self-service model that promotes customer administrator enablement and expedites onboarding. More complex installations may leverage pre-defined professional services packages. Note however that if your requirements do not fit these pre-defined packages, or if you require on-site professional services, or if you require Contact Center configuration services, a more detailed RingCentral-led professional services discovery will be required.


    Q. How do we transfer our Mitel Call Flow to the new RingCentral system?

    A. The current Mitel system call flow configuration will be extracted and provided to you for review and updating as needed for the purposes of implementing on the RingCentral system. Once the updates are complete, it will be programmed on the RingCentral MVP platform using standard processes.

  • Q. What level of support is offered to customers at no cost? And is there documentation on the different levels of support offered, what it includes and the associated cost if any.

    A. RingCentral offers a 24/7-tiered support model for Customer Support. The freemium support is provided through voice, chat and web. These mediums of support are staffed with technically trained individuals on the different RingCentral product offerings from level 1-3 with specialized groups on Integrations, QoS, and Contact Center.

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