Clearspan®Advanced Portal Tutorials

Clearspan® Web Portal - How to Change the Number of Rings for Voice Mail

This tutorial is for Clearspan® administrators or end-users that are using the Clearspan Web Portal and want instructions on how to change the number of rings before an incoming call is forwarded to Voice Mail. This tutorial covers a scenario where a user has Simultaneous Ringing or the Clearspan® Anywhere service and needs more time to answer an alternate phone (e.g. mobile phone) before the call is forwarded to Voice Mail.

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Mitel Clearspan® - Schedules

Clearspan Schedules provide great flexibility in determining how and when you are "connected" to the office. This tutorial is for Administrators and end-users wanting instructions on how to create a schedule. The tutorial will also demonstrate how to add the schedule to the Clearspan Anywhere feature.

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Call Center Release 17

This Tutorial training is available 24X7 for Clearspan Call Center, an integrated, full-featured solution for managing customer contacts and allows businesses to establish technical assistance lines, customer support numbers, or order-taking centers. You must have a sound card to hear the pre-recorded Tutorial training. 

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