Software Assurance

Protect and enhance the long term value of your Mitel Communications investment. 

Staying up to date with software releases, fixes and technical support keeps your communications system running smoothly. Mitel Software Assurance and Support is a software support package that protects your Mitel communications investment by providing ongoing technical improvements and knowledgeable support.

Deliver ongoing service improvements and maintain your operational efficiency and availability with the proactive operational and performance management tools included with Mitel’s Software Assurance Program.
Your communications network is the foundation for your digital transformation. Stay current with the latest releases and security adjustments. Utilize performance, monitoring and management tools to optimize your system. 
Maximize the investment you’ve made in your communications network and reduce risk against your IT assets by staying current on releases, optimizing your communications network and monitoring for irregular performance.
Key benefits

  • Keep-up-to-date on latest supported software
  • Take advantage of new features
  • Address system issues through software updates/fixes
  • Enable proactive fault reporting and performance monitoring
  • Access skilled Mitel technical support resources

Support Levels
    Standard Software Support and Assurance is Mitel’s core software support offering, which includes access to call-in technical support services during normal business hours. This software package gives you a base of support and keeps your software current.

    Mitel’s Premium Software Support and Assurance provides you with support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Know immediately when a voice quality problem is occurring, resolve problems quickly before they affect end users and elevate your overall network quality with Mitel Performance Analytics, included with your Premium Software Support and Assurance package.
Mitel performance analytics

Use Mitel Performance Analytics to know when a voice quality problem is occurring, to evaluate the effectiveness of your network for communications, to resolve problems quickly before they affect end users, and to elevate your overall network quality.

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