ShoreTel Connect CLOUD - Technology Partners

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ShoreTel Connect CLOUD - Technology Partners

Our CPP for Mitel Resellers

Mitel Connect CLOUD Application Integration

Where business applications and the phone system meet 

Mitel partners with business application providers to unify business telephone systems with these core business systems and unleash their true productivity and analytic potential.  Whether the solution is a CRM, an ERP, an applicant tracking solution or a productivity product, linking it with the phone system will increase application adoption, improve user efficiency and create unprecedented transparent into business activity.

 Current offerings include:


Applicant Tracking


Mitel works with partners in a variety of ways to create integrated offerings. In some cases, our development teams work closely together and in others, the partner is able to create the integration using our published API’s. Regardless of the development path, Mitel works closely with technology partners to market and support each integration.