JobDiva ATS Integration with ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Phones

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JobDiva ATS Integration with ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Phones

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Phone + JobDiva Integration for Staffing

Control your phone from JobDiva 

As the global technology leader in today’s staffing industry JobDiva provides a complete, front-to-back-office Talent Acquisition Solution combining a powerful Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, synchronization with all major job boards and VMS providers, social media recruiting, robust financial tools, and more.
Mitel Connect CLOUD for JobDiva is a service provided by Mitel Connect CLOUD that allows JobDiva users to interact or control a Mitel Connect CLOUD phone from within the Job Diva application.  This integration not only makes recruiters more productive, but it also gives managers a view into recruiter performance and best practices.

First and foremost, MiCloud Connect Sky offers a great cloud phone system. To that, we add sophisticated integration with JobDiva. Mitel Connect CLOUD users who also use JobDiva enjoy:

  • Click–to-Dial – Start a call from within JobDiva anytime a phone number is available
  • Inbound Screen Pops – Display lead or customer information before the call is answered
  • Automatic Note Taking – Post a call note when you click–to-dial
  • Real Time Analytics – Measure sales, support and operational success
Mitel Connect CLOUD for Staffing

Staffing firms that rely on JobDiva choose Mitel Connect CLOUD's business phone system for reasons beyond its powerful JobDiva integration.  Customers rely on Mitel Connect CLOUD to improve bottom line performance through:

  • Improved Recruiter Productivity – JobDiva integration makes each dial more efficient and automatically generates a record of each call, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy.
  • Better Business Intelligence – Staffing firms know the importance of having the right resources available at the right time.  Mitel Connect CLOUD's business intelligence capabilities help managers staff to meet call volumes based on data, not hunches.
  • Remote and Mobile Worker Solutions –  The staffing industry is an increasingly mobile one with more and more recruiters traveling or working remotely.  With Mitel’s unified communications solutions, people who are out of the office don’t need to be disconnected.  Your team can enjoy all of the features of their office phones (including transferring calls and 4 digit dialing) from softphones, desk phones at home or even their own smartphone.
  • Coaching and Training – Powerful features such as Barge and Whisper give supervisors the ability to listen to agent phone calls and provide on-the-fly coaching and quality management.

For more information about how Mitel Connect CLOUD is helping staffing firms like yours enjoy a state-of-the-art business phone solution with JobDiva integration, contact a staffing industry expert today.