Collaboration & Integration

It’s true that you can’t spell collaboration without “labor,” but that doesn’t mean it should feel like work. Teamwork should be personal, flexible and simple—more like a labor of love. With a cloud-based communications system, you can get more done by bringing people, applications and ideas together through better communication and integration.

Become a data-driven company

Your employees need access to the right people and the right data at the right time. With some cloud-based communications systems, you can securely store data by project, subject or person and instantly retrieve information, including emails, IM conversations, documents and more—all from a single screen.

Get more out of what you’ve got

Instead of running dozens of business applications in a dozen different places, you can unify your communications and applications through seamless integration when your communications are in the cloud. As a result, you can get the tools you need – Salesforce, Zendesk, etc. – from a single application that works the same on any device, anywhere.

The average worker spends 20 percent of their time searching for information and tracking down colleagues. -McKinsey & Company, 2014

Break down barriers to collaboration

Better collaboration begins when you break down the barriers—physical locations, multiple devices, different applications—and create a single, unified user experience that is flexible, personal and reliable. With cloud communications, collaboration is never more than a click way, whether it’s launching a videoconference from a smartphone or sharing a desktop screen halfway around the world.

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