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VoIP for Government

The need for greater efficiency and productivity in government has never been more urgent. At the same time, municipal, state and national government agencies are tasked with mission-critical objectives that are growing increasingly complex. Using advanced communication technologies like VoIP, government agencies can communicate, collaborate and respond more effectively while exercising excellent stewardship of the public’s money and trust.

Hosted VoIP makes sense

Traditional telephone networks rely on costly on-site PBX equipment and handsets tethered to an aging analog infrastructure that supports voice traffic only. In today’s mobile-centric, hyper-connected environment, the traditional phone network is limited in its capabilities, cumbersome to manage and expensive to maintain. So many government agencies and offices are transitioning to a more efficient and flexible digital alternative—voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP.

VoIP is an all-digital, all-IP technology that converts analog signals to digital packets and uses your private internet connection. It enables you to send and receive voice, data and video simultaneously using any IP-enabled device. Using hosted VoIP, your staff can take advantage of a variety of advanced communications services and collaborative applications and tools.

Because hosted VoIP is a software-only platform, you can eliminate the cost and hassle of your on-site PBX and network and realize significant savings in your agency’s monthly phone bill.


Mitel hosted VoIP for government

Our hosted VoIP for Government solutions are proven VoIP systems that give you and your staff the power of a full-featured and flexible all-digital communications platform that is supported by the world’s leading provider of hosted cloud-based telephony.

Streamline your infrastructure without compromising security

Our VoIP phone systems run entirely on your private IP network, whether hardened or non-hardened. It allows you to streamline your network infrastructure while giving your staff powerful voice, data and video tools. Meanwhile, call integrity remains secure, from call set-up to tear down, with our robust session border controllers.

Coordinate efforts and workloads no matter where your staff is located 

With VoIP for government solutions from Mitel, you keep agencies and field offices connected across times zones and technologies. Built-in tools include voice and video conferencing, voice-to-email, web conferencing and advanced call routing. You can even provide a private forum where agency staff and authorized contractors can share and collaborate.

Respond to changing head counts, immediately and affordably

As personnel are added to your staff or transferred to other offices, you can scale your VoIP services in real time. Add more lines and extensions as needed with no hassle or extra cost. Adding more services and capabilities is simple and fast, too. Plus, VoIP allows you to lower your long distance and international calling rates and leverage the savings of a bring your own device approach (BYOD).



Partner with the proven industry leader

With Mitel, you get the peace of mind from knowing you are supported by the world’s leading provider of cloud-based telephony solutions, with over 60 million end-user customers in over 100 countries. From planning and deployment through training and expansion we can help you transition from your traditional proprietary phone system to an all-digital, mobile-first platform that can position you and your agency for success in a complex and connected world.

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