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Bleu Blanc Rouge

Bleu Blanc Rouge experienced spectacular growth, expanding from 40 to more than 60 employees within a few months. After moving to a more spacious location, the company had to replace its telephone network. The company was looking for a new IP telephony system that would be compatible with Macintosh® technology, used IP equipment and supported PoE technology. 

Bleu Blanc Rouge, a Montreal-based communication firm, is known as a leader in marketing and communication in Canada. The agency counts amongst its customers several prestigious clients such as Lexus, Laurentian Bank and Burger King.
After consulting with several potential suppliers, Bleu Blanc Rouge chose Aastra IP telephony equipment. Design is always an influential and fundamental aspect of the communication industry; the equipment proposed had to be elegant, functional and practical. The Aastra 480i and 480i CT terminals, integrated with an out sourced IP system, clearly met the requirements. The Aastra solution also supports PoE technology, which is essential to Bleu Blanc Rouge. 

    • Get a IP telephone system 
    • Ensure new technology is compatible with Macintosh® technology 
    • Ensure new technology is capable of supporting PoE technology 
    • The possibility of adding as many telephones as desired without any other expenses beyond the purchase of the telephone
    • The fast and easy configuration of equipment is done in less than five minutes, without needing a technician
    • The Aastra 480i CT IP phone includes a cordless handset, making it possible for the receptionist to answer the phone when away from the desk 

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