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Circle BMW

Circle BMW has approximately 100 employees, with four people staffing the call center at any given time and handling roughly 500 calls a day, so providing accurate information and top-quality customer service was an ongoing challenge. When Circle BMW’s previous subscription-based call recording provider no longer met their needs, they turned to ATC Voice/Data in Atlantic Highlands for a new solution, and they recommended MiContact Center Quality Management.

MiContact Center Quality Management automatically records, stores and organizes telephone conversations, providing multiple benefits to any business call center environment. Call monitoring, playback and evaluation, report generation, search functionality and much more can all be conducted through the highly intuitive user interface.

MiContact Center Quality Management’s call recording capabilities allow Circle BMW to train their staff using actual customer interactions, making it easier to meet the needs of their customers.

“MiContact Center Quality Management has been rock solid,” said Dave Reinhold, Circle BMW’s network administrator. “We use it mostly as a training tool. You monitor conversations with customers and you can tell your people, ‘Rather than saying things this way and possibly giving the customer a bad impression, maybe you should say this instead, and approach the conversation from a different angle.’ It really helps us deliver consistently excellent service to our customers.”

    • Provide more accurate info 
    • Better integration 
    • Improved call volume 
    • Enhanced customer service and quality control 
    • Expanded training possibilities 
    • Increased accuracy of information 
    • Seamless integration with existing phone system and ACD solution 

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Stadiums uttalade uppdrag är att inspirera till en aktiv livsstil, genom att erbjuda moderna och funktionella sportartiklar och sportkläder till bästa pris. De ledorden genomsyrar förstås alla delar av företaget och hur Stadium väljer att profilera sig gentemot sina kunder – inklusive kundservicen.

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Serviceföretaget Anticimex tog ett rejält grepp om sin konferenstelefoni och rensade ut nästan alla externa konferenser förutom Mitels InConference. Belöningen var omedelbar: drastiskt minskade telefonikostnader, ett mycket enkelt gränssnitt och en mängd nöjda användare.

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Tien Wah Press

Tien Wah Press had an aging telephony system that was inefficient and expensive, so they switched to a modern, IP-based unified communications solution, saving 50 percent on telephony costs.

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