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Industrias Peñoles

Industrias Peñoles, founded in 1887, is today one of the largest industrial groups in Mexico, with integrated operations in smelting and refining of non-ferrous metals and chemical processing. Industrias Peñoles is the world’s largest producer of refined silver, metallic bismuth and sodium sulphate. It plays a leading role in the production of gold, lead and refined zinc in Latin America. The firm wished to migrate from TDM telephony to IP and found that the best option was to choose an Open Source solution.

Industrias Peñoles will complete the migration of 2,100 TDM extensions to Asterisk in the next two to three years. Originally, the firm’s 3,500 extensions were made up of terminals from various manufacturers. Aastra has already sold 1,400 SIP phones to Industrias Peñoles in six different models including: the 480i, 9133i, 6753i, 6755i, 6757i and 6757i CT. The phones will be deployed at 23 different sites with the largest site having 400 terminals.

    • Enhanced efficiency of communications 
    • Communication system to ensure high-quality service 
    • Interoperability
    • Significant cost savings
    • Efficiency
    • Optimized line usage, which reduces costs
    • Flexibility and programmability

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En resa från en föråldrad och fristående kommunikationslösning med flera olika kommunikationsplattformar i de olika nordiska länderna till en enhetlig, flexibel Mitel-All-In-lösning som är helt integrerad med Antalis CRM-system.

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