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Jessie May

Jessie May is a children’s hospice-at-home service in Bristol. When they began expanding their office space, they decided it was time to upgrade their communications system too. With so many terminally-ill children depending on them for quality care, they needed a system that would be easy to use and manage and within their budget.

The new telephony infrastructure now offers improved connectivity, is faster and much more reliable. Mitel Connect can do so much more than the legacy phone system. Previously, messages could only be left on one specific phone but with Mitel Connect, messages can be left or picked up from any phone, and calls can be transferred to a vast number of users.

A huge benefit is that remote staff now have unlimited access to the communication system. With more people working in remote locations, it offers a more flexible way of working.

"This is a huge move for Jessie May, into ‘new world’ technology and it has all been very positive," said Office Manager Jayne Short.

    • Upgrade to a modern communications system that can scale easily
    • Increase reliability and resiliency
    • Reliable, flexible and intuitive IP technology
    • Enhanced functionality provides more efficient call handling
    • Highly resilient solution has ensured maximum uptime
    • Excellent scalability potential supports future growth for the organization
    • Quick to deploy and easy to use

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