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Maverick Networks understands the importance of keeping the customer’s network running optimally – after all, a disruption in the UC system can cause business communications to grind to a halt. They needed a way to help their customers detect issues that are predictive of failure or voice quality problems. An early warning system would allow Maverick to proactively address these issues before they could cause any disruption in service.

Today, Maverick Networks has deep visibility into their customer’s UC systems, with 24/7 monitoring and real-time alerts for immediate notification of issues. Since Maverick began offering MarWatch fault & performance management, more than 10 customers have deployed the solution in just 3 months.

“It’s quickly becoming an accepted add-on that our customers appreciate and want,” said President Aaron Lee. Easily installed on customer networks, MarWatch is fault & performance management software. MarWatch delivers secure remote access to customer sites, with 24/7 performance and availability monitoring of Mitel UC equipment and associated equipment such as PoE (power over Ethernet) switches. To ensure detected issues are acted upon quickly, MarWatch features a flexible alarming system, dispatching alerts via email, Twitter, SMS or SNMP trap for issues such as exceeded thresholds, availability problems and remote access control violations.

“We now can be at the dashboard steering our clients to success, versus navigating with a blindfold. The MarWatch solution puts all the information right there at our fingertips, allowing us to ensure a safe journey for our clients,” said Lee.

    • Protect their investment in UC systems 
    • Ensure maximum uptime
    • Improved customer service 
    • Reduced costs 
    • Ability to remotely complete tasks

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