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Riso Scotti S.p.A. 

Following the construction of the new office building near the Riso Scotti plant, the computer / telephone system had to be updated in order to better handle future needs. The company wanted their communications strategies to be closely aligned with far-reaching IT initiatives, including the consolidation of platforms and centralizing applications.

Instruments and communication methods are evolving year in year out, driven by the increase in social networking and new internet services, like collaborative work applications, video-communication and instant message, which can be accessed from a PC or mobile terminals.

“Selecting Mitel,” noted Piero Carbonera, IT Manager at Riso Scotti S.p.A. “was done to implement a modern telecommunications system that can highlight the interoperability of systems using standard protocols and multimedia platforms that are completely free from geographic and infrastructural restrictions as well as the integration and dialogue with corporate databases.”

    • Mobility service tied to mobiles for various managers who travel abroad frequently
    • Possibility of interacting with corporate systems like Outlook / Exchange
    • Transfer of telephone system skills (cost center) from maintenance to the ICT Manager
    • Seamless migration from TDM to IP
    • Increase the frequent mobility of the workforce
    • Simplify operations for staff relocation
    • Maintenance of assigned telephone numbers
    • Preservation of existing infrastructure and investment protection
    • Flexibility of the system to adapt to the company’s needs and procedures
    • The pre-existing technological replacement considered the necessary streamlining for a single network of connected infrastructures
    • Simple interaction with Outlook / Exchange
    • Highly simplified maintenance and configurability

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En resa från en föråldrad och fristående kommunikationslösning med flera olika kommunikationsplattformar i de olika nordiska länderna till en enhetlig, flexibel Mitel-All-In-lösning som är helt integrerad med Antalis CRM-system.

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