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Whitney National Bank

In the 21st Century, delivering on that vision means supporting the bank’s traditional core values with up-to-date technology that keeps them at the leading edge of the fast-changing banking world. And a key part of that technology is the voice communications infrastructure that links their 2400-plus employees at over 160 branches with one another and with their customers.

Having grown through acquisition, Whitney faced the challenge of integrating the many different communications technologies they inherited. Maintaining all of that diverse technology was expensive and inefficient, and they wanted to standardize and centralize their communications to better support their current operations and position themselves for continued growth.

Whitney went looking for an efficient, cost-effective platform to achieve these goals and support their growing communications needs. And they looked very carefully before deciding on a solution. “We put our RFP out to all the big players and some up-and-comers in the VoIP market,” says Whitney’s Senior VP of Technology Infrastructure Scott Erlichman.

    • Centralized voice communications infrastructure for 160 branches 
    • Failover and disaster recovery in a hurricane zone 
    • Ability to scale the platform as the business grows. 
    • Cost savings. Moving from multiple technologies to centralized data centers lowers capital and maintenance costs. 
    • Reliable failover and recovery. Data center redundancy and automatic failover features ensure reliable service availability and disaster recovery.
    • A platform for growth. Scalability, deployment flexibility, and interoperability make for easy integration of technologies introduced through future acquisitions. 
    • A leading-edge future. Whitney’s strong working relationship with Mitel aligns them with a clear strategy to provide cutting-edge technology into the future.
    • Superior customer service. Customers are assured of the efficient, personalized banking experience that has been at the heart of Whitney Bank’s mission since 1883.

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