Toll Fraud Costs Businesses Over $4 Billion a Year

Toll Fraud Costs Businesses Over $4 Billion a Year – Is Your Phone System Protected?

Toll fraud – which is defined as any unauthorized use of a business’ telephone system and carrier services – cost its victims $4.73 billion globally last year according to the Communications Fraud Control Association.

Are you protected against toll fraud? Complete the quiz to find out.

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Were your default passwords for voice mailboxes, system administration, conference bridges, etc., changed at install?
Do you enforce a policy of changing passwords on a regular basis, and when someone leaves the company, delete their mailboxes immediately, and block or delete all inactive mailboxes?
Do you restrict long distance calls, access during off-business hours, and out-of-state or international calls for phones that don’t require them?
Have you considered restricting call forwarding and call transfer features, especially to external numbers, and programming your phone system so that extensions can forward only to known numbers, and restrict all others, especially 901 or 90#?
Do you regularly monitor and analyze your systems to see if anything’s been changed that might impact you?
Have you considered disabling a) the ability to make external calls from the automated attendant system and b) your voice mail system’s ability to dial out of the PBX itself or dial international numbers?
Do you check your voicemail reports and 800 number usage, monitor valid and invalid calling attempts, and look for unexplained 900 number calls, chat lines, and changes in call patterns?
Are your phone and voicemail systems up to date on security and software updates and are all current patches installed?

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