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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mitel?

Mitel is a global market leader in unified communications and collaboration solutions, helping businesses connect, collaborate and provide innovative services to their customers. Our innovation and communications experts serve more than 60 million business users in more than 100 countries.
Mitel offers one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of business phone systems, collaboration and contact center solutions, supporting the communications needs of the smallest business to the largest enterprise—both in the cloud and on premise.
With more than four decades of technical innovation and business development, Mitel is an industry and market leader, powering more than two billion business connections every day. That includes more than 33 million daily cloud connections, making Mitel the world’s fastest growing provider of cloud communications.

Who is Toshiba and why did it sell its unified communications business?

Toshiba Corporation is a Fortune Global 500 company founded in Tokyo in 1875 and today has a global network of 550 consolidated companies. The Toshiba unified communications business, which is the focus of this announcement, primarily serviced North America and select countries across Asia-Pacific. On March 21, 2017, Toshiba notified its customers and dealers that, as part of its continuing global restructuring, it would be winding down its unified communications business. On May 11, Mitel and Toshiba signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) where Mitel would acquire certain Toshiba assets, inventory, and support obligations associated with its unified communications business.

What exactly is Mitel acquiring from Toshiba?

Mitel is acquiring certain assets, inventory, and support obligations from Toshiba Corporation’s unified communications business.
Specific Toshiba products:

  • IPedge platform (premises-based IP PBX and IP phones)
  • Strata CIX communications platform (digital hybrid solution)
  • VIPedge platform (cloud version of IPedge)
  • Associated peripherals and applications.

The transaction also includes a transition services agreement to provide product and service continuity.
A number of key Toshiba sales, support, and R&D employees will join Mitel and will continue to provide support to existing Toshiba customers and partners.

Why did Mitel choose to acquire these Toshiba assets?

Mitel is committed to providing seamless communications and collaboration globally. Toshiba’s unified communications business has a rich history in the communications collaboration space, and this opportunity aligned well with Mitel’s focus on expanding its customer base through strategic consolidations.

Is the deal final?

Yes, the deal is now complete.

How much did Mitel pay for the Toshiba assets?

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Will the Toshiba products be re-branded?

The Toshiba products being acquired by Mitel will continue to be offered under the Toshiba brand.
Any changes to product availability or branding will be communicated separately.

Will Mitel be taking my customers direct?

No. Mitel shares a similar go-to-market model, where a high priority is placed around channel partner relationships.

How will this acquisition benefit Toshiba channel partners?

Mitel is committed to partners who choose to grow with Mitel and are looking to partner with a leading vendor in the UC market.
Mitel will ensure a graceful transition plan for partners, providing training, certification, and information needed to offer advanced and cloud-based solutions.
Mitel’s acquisition of the Toshiba unified communications business allows Toshiba channel partners to:

  • ensure maintenance revenue with the ongoing support of Mitel
  • begin a transition to cloud-based applications
  • improve customer retention and transition to Mitel’s portfolio.

Can I still place orders for new CIX, IPedge systems?

As part of the acquisition, Mitel has secured continued manufacturing of new Toshiba systems and associated hardware. Mitel is continuing to support the sale of new CIX and IPedge system. Orders can be placed via the FYI dealer portal per the standard process Toshiba dealers have used in the past.

Is WebQuote still active so that I can quote new systems?

Yes, WebQuote is still active and can be used to quote new IPedge and CIX systems.

What is my Toshiba discount level?

At this time dealers discount level are the same level they were set at the time of the Toshiba announcement. This can be viewed on FYI.

Can I still place orders for new VIPedge and I-VoIP service?

For the time being new VIPedge and I-VoIP cloud customers as well as additions to existing customers can be added via the VIPedge Portal.
There have been quality of service issues historically, we are working with the existing service provider to get assurances moving forward, if they are not forthcoming we have alternative cloud services within the Mitel portfolio we can make available

Can I sell extended SUS and Toshiba Hardware Warranties with new Toshiba systems?

Currently IPedge and IPedge Application Servers come with one year of SUS. Toshiba CIX and IPedge products continue to come with their standard warranty.

Mitel plans to reactivate the ability for Toshiba dealers to quote new systems with extended years of SUS and hardware warranties.

Mitel is currently investigating how this will be accommodated. This will be communicated in the 90-day plan.

Can I add more than one year of SUS to an existing customer?

Mitel is currently investigating this possibility. This will be communicated in the 90-day plan.

Will all Toshiba unified communications products still be accessible?

Mitel is acquiring current Toshiba unified communications products. These include:

  • IPedge platform (premises-based IP PBX and IP phones)
  • Strata CIX communications platform (digital hybrid solution)
  • VIPedge platform (cloud version of IPedge)
  • Associated peripherals and applications

What changes will Toshiba partners see and when, to the purchase, training, and fulfillment processes used with Toshiba?

It is business as usual for Toshiba customers and partners. Mitel’s intent is to keep as many of the existing Toshiba online tools and processes active in the short term. You will be informed well in advance of any upcoming changes to any tools and processes.
It is also our intent to ensure no disruption in business for customers and partners. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure purchasing, fulfillment, training, and other processes are easy to use for both Toshiba and Mitel customers and partners.
With the acquisition complete, Mitel is now actively working to onboard Toshiba partners.

Is the Toshiba Sale Application Desk still open and available for demos?

Yes, due to limited staff, the use of the demo request form located on FYI is required.

Can IPedge and or IPedge Application Server license transfers be quoted?

Yes. Contact the Sales application desk via email at, or

How long can I continue to place customer orders for the Toshiba products?

Customers can continue to place orders for the Toshiba products for the foreseeable future. Toshiba licenses for CIX and IPedge will to continue to be offered until end of service.

Will I be able to sell the entire Mitel portfolio of industry-leading communications and collaboration solutions once I become a Mitel channel partner?

Mitel offers a broad product line. Similar to Toshiba, there are training and certification requirements for each platform.
Once partners are certified and have completed the accreditation program for the products, they will have access to Mitel’s entire portfolio of premise, hybrid, and cloudbased portfolios and applications.

How do I start the process of becoming a Mitel partner?

To get started please contact

How long is does the process take before I can products and start selling?

Once your application is processed Mitel will provide the tools and training to sell, install and service the Mitel Platforms. Depending on the product lines this process can vary from a week to several months.

What if I have current prospects that could benefit from a Mitel solution before I can complete training?

Mitel wants to assist partners in capturing all existing sales opportunities. Please contact Mitel at
Mitel offers a complete line of professional services to assist with installation of Mitel products. A Mitel representative can assist with configuration of hardware and labor to meet immediate market opportunities.
Mitel cloud offerings including programing by Mitel and are priced competitively with Toshiba VIPedge offering.

Are there any promotions available to Toshiba Dealers to assist with on-boarding at Mitel?

Mitel has several promotions to assist Toshiba dealers with the onboarding process Your Mitel representative can discuss which of these options will best suit your organization.
In addition, Mitel is in the process of creating programs designed to create demand for customers interested in transitioning to the Mitel product line.

How do I find a Mitel representative that covers the area I am in?

Please email:

Will technical issues within Toshiba still be corrected?

Mitel has strategically brought on board a group from Toshiba to support engineering efforts moving forward.

When will Mitel provide detail on the go-forward roadmap?

Mitel intends to share its product roadmap intentions with customers and channel partners within the next 90 days.
A Toshiba Dealer webinar to address the Mitel acquisition will be announced soon.

What support will Toshiba channel partners receive from Mitel, and what new services, products or features will I be able to get through Mitel that I could not get through Toshiba?

Mitel will honor existing Toshiba warranties and SUS contracts. Mitel will offer extended warranties on new purchases.
A number of key Toshiba sales, support, and R&D employees have join Mitel and will continue to provide support to existing Toshiba customers and partners.
Once certified, partners will have access to Mitel’s entire portfolio of premise, hybrid, and cloud-based portfolios and applications.
Mitel is investing heavily in next-generation solutions, with a rich and growing portfolio of cloud-based applications that will deliver significant new value to our customers.
We will provide all customers, partners, and national accounts with a detailed list of cloud, hybrid, and premises offerings in the near future.

How is the way Mitel conducts business different from Toshiba?

Both companies share a similar go-to-market model, where a high priority is placed on channel partner relationships.

Will my company be required to seek any new training certifications?

Only for any incremental products or services that are chosen, and to become more familiar with the broader Mitel portfolio.

How much notice will we be given should Mitel decide to cancel our reseller agreement with Toshiba?

Mitel is looking to add partners, not dismiss them. However, if there were a circumstance where it was deemed an appropriate action, it would be with notice, as per the existing contract.

Who do I call with questions or concerns?

Questions or concerns, please contact

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