Virtualized Voice in the Data Center

MiVoice Business Virtual is the first real-time trusted voice application for the VMware vSphere platform and runs on the same servers as other business applications in virtualized data centers.

Imagine being able to manage unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions like any other business application in your virtualized data center.

Mitel Virtual Solutions let you do that. Working closely with virtualization leader VMware, we have united the worlds of data and voice so that communications and data applications can reside on the same virtual servers, enabling you to wring a whole lot more out of your virtualization investment.

Manage one infrastructure, not two
The tight integration of Mitel Unified Communications and Collaboration with VMware vCenter management tools means you can manage all applications in the same way.

  • Faster system deployment.
  • A common management strategy for voice and data.
  • A single business continuity plan.

Unprecedented capital and operating cost savings
Virtualizing UCC along with other data center applications results in increased efficiencies and significant savings.

  • Reduce and re-use server hardware.
  • Lower your real estate needs.
  • Reduce power consumption and server provisioning costs.
  • Gain economies of scale.

Wring more from your investment in virtualization
Mitel Virtual Solutions for the data center let you make the most of your investment in virtualization with:

  • Reduced complexity.
  • Lower resource requirements.
  • Fewer skill sets, less training.

What would you do?
More than 70% of IT budgets go into just keeping the lights on and maintaining the status quo. What would you do if you could free up some of those resources to focus on strategic initiatives and enhance IT’s value to your business?