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Beyond the Dial Tone: Security and Reliability
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Beyond the Dial Tone: Customer Experience
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See what our customers have to say

"Being able to send images securely, in a HIPAA-compliant way, between doctors, nurses and patients is a game-changer for this industry."
Jessica Reva
CEO and Administrator, Across Health Home Care
"The easy-to-use phone system, with its comprehensive functionality and usability, has meant that we now have better staff buy-in to the product. Staff engage more with the system and its features, enabling a more efficient way of working across our offices in the UK and US."
Andrew Mabbutt
CEO, Feefo
"Our business is always growing and changing, and we needed a phone system flexible enough to grow and change with us. With MiCloud Connect we’ve been able to make changes, even to the calling structure, quickly and easily."
Jay Colville
Director of IT, Inmark, Inc.
"This system and partnership with Mitel is really priceless because it's not only allowing us to work more efficiently, but also raise more donor dollars."
Cheryl Jackson
Founder, Minnie's Food Pantry
"Now, we can quickly listen to the actual call and determine exactly what transpired. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service. The MiCloud Connect phone system assists in achieving that goal."
John Doe
CEO, NJ Shares
"Beyond the brand new, state-of-the-art technology, Orion Township is saving at least ten percent when compared to the former system."
Chris Barnett
Supervisor, Orion Township
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