MiVoice Business Security Certificate Update

Mitel has made available a security update for MiVoice Business to refresh a security certificate that is due to expire in August 2020. The Security update is applicable for MiVoice Business systems including Release 5.0 through to Release 9.0 SP2. The absence of this update will result in your MiVoice Business solution entering license violation after the 21st August, 2020.

Mitel and our channel partner network are committed to servicing affected systems to ensure the consistency of your communications. We have developed two courses of action to update your MiVoice Business Security Certificate:

  1. Install the recently released MiVoice Business Release 9.0 Service Pack to modernize your network to the latest version of software;
  2. Install a Security Certificate Update for Release 5.0 to Release 8.0

For more detailed information on your options and to schedule your implementation, contact your Mitel partner of choice.



Affected MiVoice Business solutions include the following releases (including all associated Service Packs, MiCD, Virtual and MiVoice Business Express releases):

If your MiVoice Business is on one of these releases, please follow the instructions below to have the patch or update installed.


Installation Process

Please follow one of the options below to have the software patch or service pack software installed.


 United States & Canada +1 800 722 1301
 UK / MEA +44 1291200020
 Australia/New Zealand Pacific & Asia Countries  +61 (0)2 9023 9531 
 Austria, Germany and Switzerland +49 303 119 6657
 Belgium and Luxembourg +32 800 26239
 France +33 161370424
 Netherlands +31 882356422
 Spain +34 911 234 661
 Italy +39 800597003

This program is for the installation of the Security Certificate Update program only. Please contact your local Mitel Reseller to arrange for any additional services.

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