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Supercharge your organization’s growth with unified communications, collaboration and customer experience technology. With Mitel’s next gen solutions, you can enable new ways of working, supporting your employees to call, chat & video securely — also stay connected regardless of whether they sit next to each other in the office, or remotely at home.



Mitel is a global market leader in business communications. Founded nearly 50 years ago, we help businesses and service providers connect, collaborate and provide innovative services to their customers. Our innovation and communications experts serve business users in more than 100 countries.


    Digital transformation involves far more than implementing new technology; it’s about changing the way an enterprise does business and partnering with a communications provider that will continuously evolve with you. In your digital transformation journey, it’s important to find a provider that builds a long-term relationship—one that’s committed to taking you all the way from today’s business needs to tomorrow’s vision.

    With Mitel you can maintain efficiency and flexibility, grow at your own pace, and build a future-proof strategy.

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    Choosing Mitel means your business has a vendor that supports your unique culture, infrastructure, makeup and evolution. Our technology evolves with you and enables your business to grow at its own pace in its own unique way.

    Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can rely on a vendor that understands your uniqueness, empowers people through communications and collaboration,  and, helps you navigate the uncertainty of change.

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5 out of 5 Stars
”I would definitely recommend Mitel. They’ve been committed to our success in the cloud and a great partner to work with from the very beginning.” Laurent Gaertner, Director of Global Network and Hosting, Carlsberg Group
5 out of 5 Stars
“Beyond the brand new, stateof-the-art technology, Orion Township is saving at least ten percent when compared to the former system.” Chris Barnett Orion Township Supervisor, Orion Township
5 out of 5 Stars
“Mitel came in with very competitive pricing, a better solution and ease of use. All these things just make my life easier,” said Daniel Rivera, Manager of Technical Services.


Mitel has worked to build a global Partner First model that achieves high levels of success by delivering significant value and satisfaction to the customer. By offering a program of market driving opportunities, Mitel allows you to play to your strengths, creating new revenue streams, and increasing existing revenue, and importantly profitability. Mitel considers the partner relationship as a core principle, and strives to ensure that you will always receive the highest level of engagement and support.

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