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Fighting Hardware Obsolescence with New Approaches

Servers. Switches. Controllers. Cables. Modern business runs on technology, and communications is no different. But thanks to Moore’s Law, that hardware is going obsolete faster every day. Technology that was once an asset can become a burden, eating up more than its fair share of resources. Some companies have entire rooms nearly full of dead servers—veritable technology graveyards. Is it any wonder then that some IT pros are changing the way they handle hardware?

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Rich McBee Talks Mavenir Deal on BNN

There’s been lots of interest in the recent Mitel acquisition of Mavenir from customers, partners and carriers alike. Andre McCreath of Business News Network thought it was worth talking about, too—which is why he invited Mitel CEO Rich McBee onto his show to discuss the deal and the combined growth opportunity in enterprise mobility.

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Case Study: Louvre - Lens

The Louvre Lens is a museum looking to the future in a building of contemporary design, equipped with the latest technological innovations and ready to respond to the technology of today and tomorrow

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Snapshot: The State of Midsize UC

With so much changing in the world of unified communications (UC) lately, we wanted to help companies get a gauge on where things are and where things are going. Since many experts consider Mitel to be a leader in unified communications, we thought we’d start by interviewing the person in charge of MiVoice Business and MiCollab—Martin Bitzinger. Here’s what he had to say.