Customer Care

Mitel service agreements are designed to save you time and money, and are available in a variety of packages designed to accommodate the different levels needed by each customer.

As a telecommunications leader with over 40 years of experience, Mitel has acquired a deep understanding of what it takes to accomplish a successful solution implementation and maintain a quality system. This knowledge has been garnered and refined over the years in numerous different deployment scenarios for customers small, medium, and large. Today Mitel is a confident leader that consistently brings complex local, national, and global projects to successful completion.

By employing practiced and proven methods, Mitel services are accomplished correctly the first time, saving you time, money, and worry. Whether for a one-time solution implementation or a long-term maintenance contract, the goal always remains to help you realize the best value for your investment.

Mitel service agreements are available in a variety of packages (listed below) designed to accommodate the different levels needed by each customer. Standard and Premium agreements are available to Mitel direct Customers while Enterprise Support* is available to our authorized partners for resale to Customers (*Americas only). With your chosen service, Customers will be able to call the Mitel service desk to report incidents within the terms of the agreement. In addition, monitoring services are often included in Mitel service agreements so that Mitel can respond proactively to alarms coming from customer systems (monitoring licenses are part of Premium Software Assurance entitlements). Mitel will resolve the majority of incidents quickly and efficiently by remote access.

  • Standard (8x5x8)
  • Standard Plus (8x5x4)
  • Premium (24x7x8)
  • Premium Plus (24x7x4)
  • Enterprise Support 8x5x4 hr

  • Enterprise Support 24x7x4 hr

Peace of mind is at the core of every good service. To get it you need to be sure that the most important details of your telecommunications solution will be taken care of properly, accurately, and on time. This assurance can come only from a service provider that truly understands your needs, the project at hand, and the strengths and weaknesses of each element.

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