What Is a Mobile Client?


A mobile client is a technology designed to extend the features of a company’s mobile telephone system. The technology makes it easier for employees to:

  • Separate personal and business communications while using one smartphone
  • Manage business calls while out of the office
  • Transition smoothly from using a company desktop computer to a mobile device


A mobile client is designed to make it easier to integrate portable devices into a company’s communication workflows.


Features of a Mobile Client


A mobile client allows your company to:

  • Maintain a centralized list of contacts across desktop and computer devices.
  • Easily route business calls to a mobile device from your corporate switchboard.
  • See employee presence and availability in real-time.
  • Blend instant messaging, voice mail (including visual voice mail), and phone channels into one dashboard that can be accessed from any device.


Benefits & Advantages of a Mobile Client


A mobile client offers the following benefits:

  • Improved customization: Using a mobile client, your employees can perform detailed customization on how incoming calls work through a mobile device. These include but are not limited to selective silent mode, ring tone filtering, and switching easily between private and business phone profiles.
  • More ways to communicate: A mobile client makes it easier to bridge the divide between desktop and mobile communication. For example, a mobile client allows users to take voice messages from their computer, or receive mobile calls as though they were inside the corporate network.


Who Should Use a Mobile Client


A mobile client is invaluable if your company has a largely mobile workforce, or if has a team structure where people shift dynamically across mobile and desktop devices. Using this technology, your people can easily keep track of their communications, and your customers and clients will be presented with a unified and consistent corporate face.

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