As the Official Business Technology & Communications Partner of MLB®, Mitel has transformed 30 independent platforms for dugout, bullpen, video review rooms and press box communications into a common, unified system offering enhanced capabilities.
Major League Baseball

Better Communications Leads to Faster Decisions

Communications are critical to baseball games. If a bench coach can’t challenge a call, an umpire can’t connect with officials or a pitching coach can’t summon a reliever, the pace of play is interrupted and the integrity of the game is impacted. That’s why, when the game is on the line, MLB® looks to Mitel to deliver seamless communications across all 30 clubs, dugouts, bullpens, press boxes and clubhouses, including:

  • Call Monitoring 

    Managing call recording, monitoring and accounting to ensure on-field regulations are followed

  • Connecting Umpires 

    Connecting umpires and the Replay Review Center in New York City during team challenges

  • Real Time Communications 

    Enabling real-time communications for all 2,430 games in a season

  • Replay Reviews 

    Powering over 1,400 replay reviews in the 2018 regular season, helping overturn 585 of those calls

  • MLB 2018 Postseason  

    Helping make the right call 41 times during the 2018 post-season


Mitel helps officials make the right call on and off the field. Watch some of our favorite Replay Review moments.

Segura hit by a pitch
August 03, 2019 | 00:59
Bradley Jr. nabs Merrifield
August 06, 2019 | 01:01
Padres nab Arenado after review
August 09, 2019 | 00:54
Mitel is a global leader in providing the kind of sophisticated, custom communications network that addresses the unique needs of Major League Baseball® and our 30 clubs.

Chris Marinak

VP Strategy, Technology & Innovation, MLB®
Helping Major League Baseball® Make the Right Calls

With 45 years of industry leadership, Mitel helps businesses connect, collaborate and provide better experiences for their customers. When MLB® needed a better way for its 30 teams to communicate, they turned to Mitel.

Mitel provides MLB® players, coaches and officials with a simple solution for collaboration, ensuring each team can effectively communicate and compete at the highest level. Today, the most important calls in baseball – and business – are made with Mitel.

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From Major League Baseball® to Olympic coaching, our sports and entertainment customers are achieving great things. Flexible, reliable and simple communications drive the fan and guest experiences our customers need to stay on top. Discover what our sports and entertainment customers have achieved with Mitel.

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Learn how Mitel is elevating the games we all love by providing elite communications services.

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