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Top 5 Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Communications & Collaboration Solutions

Take your business further, faster with hybrid cloud communications. By bridging your on-premises infrastructure to the rapidly developing cloud, your business will benefit from more complete, nuanced control of your communications platform. While there are several hybrid cloud benefits, some of the top ways that the Mitel cloud can help your business are by providing:


  1. Easy path to migration
  2. Faster deployment
  3. Control and flexibility
  4. Scalability
  5. More organizational agility


Mitel offers a wide array of hybrid cloud solutions to fit the unique needs of your business, and these benefits expand across businesses of various sizes and industries.

Top five benefits of hybrid cloud communications:

1. Easy path to migration

Rather than risk a complicated migration by jumping straight from on-premises solutions to the cloud, transition smoothly and easily combining your existing infrastructure with over-the-top technologies. Hybrid cloud technologies work with the systems you already have, rather than introducing new systems across the board. 

2. Faster deployment

Stay ahead of the competition with a hybrid communications platform that can be implemented quickly, with minimal retraining or infrastructure changes. With hybrid cloud, your team can stay focused on reaping the benefits of cloud communications without the downtime of a traditional migration.

3. Control and flexibility

Retain complete control over which servers you want hosted in the cloud and which you want hosted internally with a hybrid cloud model. Some business process are easy to migrate to the cloud – like chat and videoconferencing software. Other parts of your business, particularly those aspects that handle sensitive data, may benefit from a slower migration path. With hybrid cloud communications, you can move to the cloud at the speed that suits your business.

4. Scalability

Expand or pull back without communications limitations with hybrid cloud. With hybrid cloud, you can easily add new lines, or cut back, without having to invest in additional hardware.

5. More organizational agility

React and adapt. Market conditions can shift more quickly than solid infrastructure can be adapted. With a hybrid cloud communications solution you won’t be waiting for your platform to keep up with you. To help you reap these benefits, Mitel offers the following hybrid cloud deployment models and integrations.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment Models and Integrations
Sensitive Communications On-Premises and Cloud for Everything Else
Employ an expert combination of control and flexibility. Perfect for healthcare or financial industry companies, this model keeps sensitive information secure while providing the flexibility of the cloud.
On-Premises Headquarters and Satellites in the Cloud
Every growing business needs a hub. Keep the flagship you’ve invested in and supplement your satellites with hybrid cloud integration.
On-Premises Platform Plus Cloud Communications Applications
Keep your tried-and-true phone system while experimenting with Mitel’s most recent communications applications to see what fits your business best.
Private and Public Cloud
Our hybrid cloud service allows you to choose the right ratio of public and private communications for your business. You can utilize the private cloud for added control over where your more sensitive communications are held, and route more routine communications to the public cloud.
Cloud for Overflow capacity
With this hybrid cloud storage solution, you can size your on-premises phone system for your average traffic volume and utilize cloud technology during peak usage periods.
Cloud Backup
You can never be too prepared. Take advantage of disaster recovery and redundancy with a cloud-based backup for your on-premises communications system.

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