3 Performance Goals for Remote Worker Productivity

3 Performance Goals for Remote Worker Productivity

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James Black

James Black | March 06, 2023

Many elements are within your control in a traditional working environment, where your workforce gathers collectively in an office or similar building. You can design an optimal layout, comfortable set-up, and easily monitor your employees’ progress face-to-face.

Remote working surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now, due to the multitude of benefits reaped by both businesses and employees, working from home is becoming ever-popular.

But how can you inspire people to work their best from a distance?

You must set performance goals to optimize your workforce to encourage maximum productivity. Here are three key objectives to arrange for your remote workers.

1. Maximize Efficiency

To help your employees improve their productivity while lowering their stress levels, encourage them to set SMART goals. Visionaries such as Benjamin Franklin use this system to optimize performance by setting goals that effectively manage time and maximize mental clarity.

Splitting the working day into segments can help you stay efficient and active at your desk. For some, a schedule of repeated 25-minute intervals, with five-minute breaks throughout the day, can help improve focus and productivity. Others may want to set a goal to cut their overtime hours, so they will need goals to encourage them to be more focused and spend less time on menial tasks.

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2. Streamline Projects

Help your employees reach those targets by setting goals to streamline their processes. Scheduling online meetings, creating spreadsheets, and working collaboratively on plans can help avoid miscommunication and raise performance.

Prioritizing tasks into essential and non-urgent tasks is another way to help remote workers stay on track. Setting goals to get a designated number of crucial tasks completed within a specified time frame is an effective way to manage progress.

Setting small, achievable goals frequently will help keep your remote workers engaged and motivated to do their best. Setting big goals that take a long time to achieve can make people feel hopeless and unmotivated. With any goals, remember to set key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep track of progress.

3. Manage Work/Life Balance

When you live and work in the same place, the lines between work and downtime can become blurred. Help your remote workers to set clear time management goals to nurture the balance, so they don't become stressed or complacent.

Blocking time in the calendar for social and personal events and scheduling meetings and dedicated working times is a great starting point. It may also help to get out of the house at least once a week to work from the office, a café, or even a library. A change in scenery can inspire new ideas and boost productivity, especially if someone feels weighed down by a problem they're facing.

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Workforce Optimization Tools For All

Some great tools are available to help empower your workers and streamline your workforce. Software that tracks and records vital information from customer interactions and internal operations can provide keen insights into the inner mechanics of your business. A reliable system that analyzes issues, sends reports, and identifies areas that may require your attention is well worth investing in if you want your business to grow and flourish above the competition.

Tools that track time and display analytics are helpful at multiple levels, from managers looking for company or department-wide trends and patterns to the individual worker wanting to improve their time management skills and review their progress toward their goals.

Intelligent workforce software will save you and your employees time, money, and effort. With all your tools under one platform, you can easily set performance goals to improve efficiency within your workforce.

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Stay in Touch

However you choose to set performance goals for your remote workers, keeping communication lines open and ensuring your employees feel they can come to you with any issues is essential. After all, building trust and integrity are some of the best ways to encourage enhanced productivity in all areas of your business.

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