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Business VoIP | July 12, 2019

A VoIP phone solution can help your small business increase productivity and efficiency while also keeping you within budget.

Business VoIP | July 03, 2019

Employees want freedom and flexibility. Here’s how businesses can grant their employees more independence by implementing a VoIP phone system.

Business VoIP | June 28, 2019

We've put together a few of the most recent updates to the MiCloud Connect portfolio.

Business VoIP | June 21, 2019

You’ll know the time’s come to invest in a cloud contact center by recognizing these six signs.

Business VoIP | June 12, 2019

Learn how three companies improved their customer experience with business VoIP, leveraging call center metrics to reduce wait times, provide better service and improve their customers’ experience.

Business VoIP | June 05, 2019

Getting the most out of your business VoIP phone system shouldn’t be complicated. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your business VoIP phone system.

Business VoIP | May 29, 2019

Quality of customer service separates you from the competition. Here’s how business VoIP provides the right tools to offer a superior experience by improving communications.

Business VoIP | May 22, 2019

Organizations dedicated to serving others improve community connections and increase their impact with business VoIP.

Business VoIP | May 15, 2019

Whether you work in a multi-hospital healthcare system or a private dentist’s office, protecting personal health information (PHI) is essential. A HIPAA-compliant business VoIP system is an integral part protecting your patients’ PHI.

Business VoIP, Mobility & BYOD | May 10, 2019

Small- and medium-sized businesses can compete with enterprises in this increasingly mobile, always-on world with a business VoIP phone system like MiCloud Connect, which enables them to serve customers and clients no matter where they are.

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