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Spring Cleaning Your Communications Tools

March 20, 2024

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Communications Tools

There’s a reason we feel the urge to clean house every spring. This year, try spring-cleaning your communications and collaboration tools to save time and be more productive in the workplace.

Show Your Customers Some Love
Business VoIP

February 07, 2024

Four Ways to Show Your Customers Some Love (with Call Center Software)

Show your customers some love and a better customer experience with the right call center software. These four tips will help you make the most of your call center software, building customer relationships to last a lifetime.

women working remotely
Remote & Hybrid Working

October 12, 2022

3 Reasons Why You Should Get (and Stay) Current

Businesses that continued to keep pace with ever-changing communications technologies before the pandemic were best equipped to make a smooth transition to a remote working reality.

8 Top VoIP Trends You Need to Know in 2020
Business VoIP

October 10, 2022

8 Top VoIP Trends You Need to Know

Which VoIP trends could help you make the most impact on your business? See our list and insights on each trend to find out.

Business VoIP

September 28, 2022

"Coffee Shop" Etiquette in the Age of the Cloud Phone

When working remotely and using your cloud phone in public places, keep things friendly with your neighbors by observing "coffee shop" etiquette.

Cloud Migration

September 20, 2021

Your Top Cloud Migration Questions Answered: Part 3

In the final blog of our three-part series on your top cloud migration questions, we focus on answers to your questions related to migrating from MiVoice Office 250 to MiCloud Connect, how Mitel ensures cloud solution compliance, security and availability and interoperability with other vendors’ products and solutions. 

Your Top Cloud Migration Questions Answered
Cloud Migration

September 16, 2021

Your Top Cloud Migration Questions Answered: Part 2

Our second installment focuses on the specifics of handset migration, and how migration to MiCloud Connect affects your communications features, functions and configuration capabilities. 

business man working with documents and laptop
Cloud Migration

September 14, 2021

Your Top Cloud Migration Questions Answered: Part 1

Every year, more businesses are migrating to communications solutions that are delivered from the cloud instead of using traditional on-premises equipment. In this three-part blog series, we'll be answering your top cloud migration questions so that you can future-proof your technology with confidence.

SMB Loans Help Icon
Business VoIP

April 17, 2020

Promising Government Loans for Small Businesses Affected by Coronavirus

Small businesses are among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Check here often as we update the list of financial aid resources being provided by the US Government. 

Talk is Cheap - Poor Communications Will Cost Your Business
Business VoIP

April 02, 2020

How Poor Communications Will Cost Your Business Recap

Talk is cheap. Learn about the solutions from Mitel and how they can keep from costing your business with poor communications.

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