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The public sector landscape has changed dramatically. As technology advances and the nature of work evolves, citizens and public sector employees demand more seamless digital experiences. Citizens need more effortless and effective ways of interacting with various state and local entities. These entities must grow and shift with these advances to flourish in this new digital future.

Public Sector Modernization is Not Optional 

Modernizing public sector IT infrastructure is not an option but imperative to exceed citizen expectations and stay ahead.

Many agencies have expensive legacy equipment that is difficult to manage and can't support remote work. Mitel solutions help the public sector reduce the complexities around communications systems, integrate disparate applications, and reduce operational costs to enhance the customer experience. Modernizing IT infrastructure is not an option anymore but an imperative to stay ahead. Financing IT equipment could provide the answer for many cash-strapped agencies wanting or needing to upgrade their systems.

Financing IT Equipment Helps Budget-Constrained Agencies Keep Up with Digital Transformation

Like many organizations, the public sector faces challenges due to budget constraints. These constraints have specifically impacted state and local agencies’ ability to obtain financing. For example, in 2020, municipal capital budgets were cut by 20% to 30%. Public sector IT managers are turning to equipment leases as a good option to keep up with the latest technology. With Mitel and NCL Government Capital, the public sector can modernize its communication infrastructure and access the right equipment exactly when needed. Below, NCL Government Capital outlines the main drivers and benefits of choosing to finance.

What Drivers Are Causing the Need to Finance

  • Maintaining up-to-date technology: Planning the rollout of projects can often be a long process, and leasing offers a guard against inevitable improvements.
  • Budget constraints: With financing equipment, agencies can rely on predictable payments or have options to defer payments until the next budget cycle.

Benefits Of Financing IT Equipment for the Public Sector 

The benefits of financing IT equipment for the public sector are:

  • Smaller, lower annual expense over a period vs. a significant up-front capital expenditure.
  • Lower rates vs. the traditional commercial lending rates.
  • IT projects to move forward on time.
  • Avoids the cost of maintaining or waiting on a project.

State and local entities have always had long-term goals of modernizing and reforming their IT infrastructure. Digital transformation at its core will help create a better, connected, and collaborative public sector, ultimately breaking down the barriers to success across departments and with the citizenry.

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