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Initiating Your Mobile Strategy in the Field Services Market


With this final post of this series on how to create a mobile strategy for Field Service organizations, I’ll look at the pieces of initiating a mobile strategy within the Field Service market.  A portion of the content in these posts were originally published in CIOReview. In my previous post, I explored the tools that can be used to formalize a strategy focused on field services.

A more personal customer conversation

To this point, the discussion has been more inward facing with ways to enhance internal operations of your field services team. But perhaps the most important reason to recast your business communications strategy to be more mobile-centric is to better serve the most important person to your field services business: your customer. It's no surprise that a majority of people prefer to be able to interact with businesses via their mobile phones. Imagine your customer being able to conduct all business with you via his or her mobile phone. Texting to request an appointment. Texting into an after hours hotline for an emergency call. Sending a message with a high res video of a service issue as it happens. Using mobile communications is just faster and easier. Why not give your customers a better overall experience using their preferred modes of communications?

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As a services company with a more mobile-centric operations model, you have an opportunity to be more sympathetic to your customers' issues and respond more quickly and with appropriate measure. Imagine a scenario where your customer can text your company about an issue, your company quickly responds via text with a proposed appointment, the customer confirms, and your field services management (FSM) system provides service ETA updates via SMS and upon arrival on-site. Your tech can more quickly resolve issues where they require a more senior set of eyes. They can collect payment immediately. You can send a short post-service survey via SMS. You can present customers that opt in with periodic promotions (e.g., air conditioning checkup with change of season). The relationship becomes more direct, more intimate, and more personal.

A mobile-centric operating model

Without question, every day business interactions are becoming more mobile-centric. This is true across all industries and for all types of employees: knowledge workers, information workers and service workers. When it comes to creating a mobile strategy, it's important to understand what your options are as a field services organization: mobile plans and capabilities have evolved, devices are now more powerful and capable, and mobile applications focused on field service management have reached a high degree of maturity. In addition to vertically oriented applications, general-purpose mobile applications can augment overall business process.

Be mobile to be effective

An effective mobile strategy supports business objectives of optimizing effectiveness and productivity in your daily operations and delivering superior service to your customers. Very likely, your customers would like to be able to interact with your services organization via their preferred communications method, the mobile phone. 

Added benefit—recruiting

An additional benefit to having a sound mobile strategy is that it can enhance your company's attractiveness to new recruits. Millennial workers in the field services industry have grown up with the Internet with mobile at the center of communications, information, and entertainment. This demographic prefers to interact with others via mobile (messaging in particular) and prefers using the mobile to get work done. By adopting a mobile-centric approach to field services management, service companies have an opportunity to leap frog their competition to cutting-edge technology and apps.

A better field services business

By establishing and implementing a sound mobile strategy, field services organizations can tune their operating efficiency and deliver to their customers a higher level of service with better responsiveness and improved communications.

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