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    Nobody Understands the Cloud


    “Nobody understands the cloud!” shouts actor Jason Segel after an automatic upload cloud setting on his personal device sends him on a wild adventure to restore his privacy.

    In reality, some people do understand the cloud, but for many, it remains shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding. We’re excited to have people with deep cloud knowledge on our staff and they’ve put their heads together to address the most common myths surrounding cloud communications.

    They’re myths that hold companies back from being the best versions of themselves. After all, when you free people from the tethers of the office, amazing things start to happen. So dive in, and don’t let these myths hold your company back anymore.


    Myth #6: The cloud is inherently less secure than your own data center

    Mythbuster: 94% of small and medium businesses reported security benefits after moving to cloud technology.

    In the beginning, there was plenty of fear, uncertainty and doubt around cloud security, but businesses increasingly see the cloud as a safe and controlled environment. Think about it: most security breaches are caused by employee error or poor policies. Cloud solutions feature strong security policies and multiple safeguards to protect against human error, plus the same high levels of encryption and protection you would expect from world-class service providers.

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